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Summer Camps

Fun Wise® Math puts the “M” in STEM

School is out but math is always “IN”. Summer math review is critical to prevent summer slide and reinforce math facts learned during the school year. Studies show that most children lose about two months of math skills during the summer months.

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Fun Exploring Math™

Extra math review during the summer is one way to prevent summer learning loss and retain math facts mastered during the school year. Fun Wise® Math summer camps explore math topics through fun active games, stories, and songs so it feels like summer more than school.

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Focus and Fun

Bring math to life during the intense weeklong math camps. The creative games make it feel like summer while the daily facts come to life in three math topic areas:

Numbers & Counting

Recognizing numbers, ordering numbers and understanding number relationships are an important foundation for early number theory beyond basic counting.  The camps brings numbers to life through many different hands-on games showing number lines, counting objects, early arithmetic and much more.

Patterns & Sets

Patterns are an important part of understanding mathematical relationships.  Our campers enjoy many games in groups to develop sets and patterns based on fun characteristics like colors and shapes.


Points to polygons and all shapes in between are the focus of the geometry games.  Each day at camp focuses on a different shape family plus reviewing shapes from the days before to grow math skills throughout the week.  Movement is integrated into many games by making shapes with the body, warm up exercises, and finding shapes in the room. Exploring shapes is super FUN!

Advanced Math Vocabulary

Advanced Math Vocabulary is a fun and important part of the Fun Wise® Math curriculum. At all ages, math vocabulary is introduced so children learn the actual math words used in math classes. Quadrilateral, polygon, numeral and A B patterns are just a few examples of Big Math Words that kids learn during the camp week.

Interactive games

Interactive games incorporate multi-sensory learning for increased retention of math facts & physical activity. Scientific research shows that exercise improves retention of math facts so most games incorporate light physical activity. Kids exercise their minds and bodies in this fun active summer camp.

Growing Confidence

Growing Confidence as a master of math facts. Reviewing math skills learned during the year helps children retain the information and build confidence that they remember what they learned. Learning new facts builds self-esteem that campers are growing their knowledge over the summer and will be ahead when school begins.

Fosters Teamwork

Fosters Teamwork through fun active games. Campers are learning math using creative techniques and how to work in groups. Many fun games are done in teams even though everyone wins during Fun Wise® Math camp.

Aligns with National and State Standards

Aligns with National and State Standards to go above and beyond the required standards in each of the mathematical topic areas.

Fun Exploring Math™ is the focus of every camp. The innovative enthusiastic instructors follow the Fun Wise® Math summer camp curriculum, but have the flexibility to adapt the games based on the age level of the students and group dynamics.  With hundreds of games to choose from and the opportunity to develop new games, each instructor brings their unique expertise to their campers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Fun Wise® math camp is an intense weeklong camp that teaches children math facts through fun active games, songs and stories.  Most camps are half days and are hosted at schools or locations as part of their camp program.

Math is a learned skill and the more exposure children have to math at an early age the better their skills will be.  Scientific research shows children can lose up to two months of math knowledge during summer months leading to summer slide.  Math review during the summer can prevent summer slide and get campers ahead.

The Fun Wise® Math curriculum makes learning math fun through interactive games.  Our focus at camp is fun exploring math so children learn through guided discovery by our highly trained instructors.

Definitely! Many campers enroll in Fun Wise® Math Camp for multiple weeks to reinforce the math facts taught during camp.  Every week has different dynamics so the same topics are covered but a variety of games are included to foster learning and fun.

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