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Special Events

Fun Wise® Math puts the “M” in STEM

FUN Math Games bring learning to life at your special math or STEM event!

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Planning a hands-on STEM or Math event?

The Fun Wise® Math program can bring fun and games to any exciting occasion. Every event is unique so our educators will work with your team to determine the program that best fits your event and how Fun Wise® Math can make it SPECTACULAR!

Like this program?

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Two great options for kids are the Fun Wise® Math: Math & Movement Program or Fun Wise® Math: Math Mindfulness™ Program, which can be modified to fit your unique event.  If the meeting is for parents or educators, then the workshops and professional development programs can be customized to meet the needs of a specific audience.

Math & Movement

Fun learning through play is how young children learn best, which is exactly why Fun Wise® Math developed movement games to help kids have Fun Exploring Math™.  Counting, patterns and geometry come to life through creative active experiences that make learning fun.

Math Mindfulness™

Be Mindful. Love Math.  This unique program for older kids is designed to open their eyes on how they are already using math in their daily lives, math myth busting of common stereotypes, creative problem solving games and learn about careers in math.  By being aware and mindful of everyday math, students can build upon the connections and relevancy to bring math to life at home and in school.

Professional Development Trainings

Motivate your team to inspire students with a new set of innovative teaching strategies and tools. Professional development for educators encompasses creative techniques for teaching math using the Fun Wise® Math methodology of fun interactive experiences.

Family Workshops

Creative problem solving and educational games can be applied to many daily activities including sports, shopping, cooking and just playing.  The Fun Wise® Math educators will show you how to turn a regular activity into an extraordinary learning experience.

Benefits of FUN WISE® Math at an Event:


Fun Wise® Math brings a new twist on learning math to ignite a renewed interest and create long lasting memories for your kids.


Fun educational program that exercises minds and bodies through creative interactive games.


Fun programs for all ages from 3 to 93 demonstrating that everyone can have Fun Exploring Math™!


Programs can be customized to fit your group’s special event – Math Night, Math Teacher professional development, Physical Education teacher workshop, or a Girl Scout STEMapalooza. We have participated in many different type of events and look forward to many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the Fun Wise® Math programs can range from 45 minutes to two hour sessions depending on the audience.  Longer programs or multiple sessions in a row can be booked to accommodate a large number of people.

That completely depends on the age of the participants and the type of program selected.  Typically, most programs are from 10-25 participants for younger children and up to 50 with older kids or adults.  Multiple sessions can be scheduled in a row with short breaks between leaving time for people to come and go between the sessions.

The Fun Wise® Math programs are generally indoors in an open space similar to a multi-purpose room, common area, gym or auditorium.  With smaller groups, they can be in a classroom or library.  It is helpful to have a projector for a presentation and open space for the creative games.

We have now ADDED virtual!

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