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On-Site Field Trips

Fun Wise® Math puts the “M” in STEM

FUN Engaging Interactive Field Trips bring Math to Life.

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Math & Movement for Preschool & Elementary School

Math comes to life through fun interactive games, stories and songs during this educational field trip. Fun learning through play is how young children learn best, which is exactly why Fun Wise® Math developed movement games to help kids have Fun Exploring Math™. Counting, patterns and geometry come to life through creative active experiences that make learning fun.

The Fun Wise® Math field trip focuses on Fun Exploring Math™ using multi-sensory techniques including visual, auditory and kinesthetic to experience math through interactive games. Scientific research shows that multi-sensory techniques increase retention and recall of math facts. A strong a math foundation builds interest in STEM and STEM activities.

The games used in each program may vary based on the age of the students to align with age appropriate math concepts.

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Math Mindfulness™ for Middle and High School

Be Mindful. Love Math. This unique program for secondary age kids is designed to open their eyes on how they are already using math in their daily lives. By being aware and mindful of everyday math, students can build upon the connections and relevancy to bring math to life at home and in school.

Math Myth busting – Is there such thing as a math person? Who succeeds in math? Scientific research debunks many stereotypes about math that are just myths. Which myths are true and which myths are false and WHY?

Real Life Math – Everyone is using math in our daily lives without realizing it. Sports, shopping, cooking and most everyday experiences use math. Becoming mindful and aware of how math is used in the real world brings relevancy and practical applications to math concepts learned at all ages.

Creative Games encourage logical thinking, deductive reasoning, and teamwork. Math is more than just formulas. Math is problem solving. Together teams will engage in interactive experiences to work together to meet an objective.

Math Mindfulness™ increases awareness of how math is used everyday in the real world for future success in math & life.

Benefits of a FUN Math Field Trip:


Fun Wise® Math field trips come to your location saving time and money. You provide the space and we provide the experienced educators and long lasting memories for your kids.


Fun educational program that exercises minds and bodies through creative interactive games. Kids experience math in a totally new way sparking new ideas and interest.


Give kids a break from over stressed standardized tests with a fun educational field trip. Take a break from the pressures of math testing with a fun math field trip and help kids enjoy math through fun games.


Embedded Professional Development for teachers to learn new innovative techniques for bringing math to life in the classroom or fun brain breaks.


Aligns with National and State math standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the Fun Wise® Math field trips are 45 minutes to one hour sessions depending on the age of the students.  Longer programs or multiple sessions in a row can be booked to accommodate a large number of students.

It is recommended to have a minimum of 10 students and maximum of 25 students per session for the Math & Movement field trip.  The Math Mindfulness™ field trip is recommended to have a minimum of 10 and maximum of 50 students per session.  Multiple sessions can be scheduled in a row with short breaks between leaving time for students to come and go between the sessions.

The Math & Movement field trip needs an indoor open space similar to a multi-purpose room, common area, or gym.

The Math Mindfulness field trip may be held in a large classroom, library, auditorium, or a multi-purpose room.  It is helpful to have a projector for a presentation and open space for the creative games.

The cost per student can vary depending on the number of students participating, travel, and the number of sessions booked on the same day at the same location.

The Fun Wise® Math field trip is beneficial by exposing students to math in a new way.  Creative interactive experiences bring math to life sparking a new interest in math or reinforcing the math concepts from normal classes.  Our goal is also to spark ideas for teachers on how they can use games as brain breaks or teaching techniques in class.

Schools and homeschool groups have many choices for field trips.  STEM and math in particular are growing opportunities for future careers. Exposing students to STEM field trips gets them more excited and aware of future opportunities in these fields.

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