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Afterschool Classes

Fun Wise® Math puts the “M” in STEM

Kids exercise their minds and bodies afterschool with fun interactive games to make learning math fun!  Fun Wise® Math is a new twist to the traditional afterschool programs combining fun, physically activity and math.


Fun Exploring Math™

Fun Exploring Math™ is the focus of the Fun Wise® Math curriculum.
Exploration is the natural form of learning for young children and is what makes our unique games different. Parents say their kids are having so much fun that they hardly realize they are learning math.

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Strengthens and supports

Strengthens and supports math facts learned at school and home. Class curriculum focuses increasing proficiency in the following math topic areas:

Numbers & Operations

Recognizing numbers, ordering numbers and understanding number relationships are an important foundation for early number theory beyond basic counting. The program brings numbers to life through many different hands-on games showing number lines, counting objects, early arithmetic and much more.

Patterns & Sets

Groups and patterns are an integral part of understanding mathematical relationships. Our youngest students use many different manipulatives to develop groups and patterns based on fun characteristics like colors and shapes.


Points to polygons and all shapes in between are the focus of the geometry games. Movement is integrated into many games by making shapes with our body in Simon Says shapes to finding shapes around the room through scavenger hunts. Exploring shapes is super FUN!


Length, weight and time are the primary measurements introduced through fun exploration.

Advanced Math Vocabulary

Advanced Math Vocabulary is a fun and important part of the Fun Wise® Math curriculum. At all ages, “Big Math Words” are introduced to reinforce vocabulary used in math classes. Polygon, integers, numeral and A B C patterns are just a few examples of advanced math vocabulary that kids learn through fun math games.

Inquiry method

Inquiry Method is a unique strategy to maximize the strengths of all children participating in the program and focus on areas of growth. By asking questions to the class, instructors can have all students answer or direct the question to a specific student before opening up to the entire group. This method allows for repetition of topics to reinforce critical concepts while introducing new facts each week.

Dynamic Math Games

Dynamic Math Games incorporate multi-sensory learning for increased retention of math facts & physical activity. Math is a learned skill. The more exposure to math, the more children will understand the concepts. The Fun Wise® Math afterschool program goes above and beyond the normal techniques in a classroom to show kids that math is fun and can be learned through games. The creative strategies connect with the latest brain research to bring the most innovative experiences to the afterschool classes. Fun Wise® Math is more than “another tool in the toolbox”; it is the tool that will make your children love to learn math.

Builds Self-Esteem and Determination

Builds Self-Esteem and Determination in understanding math facts from an early age. Guided math practice helps children grow their knowledge and aptitude of complex math facts. The unique games explore math concepts while building confidence in learning math to help children maintain a positive mindset as math gets more challenging.

Inspires Imagination and Teamwork

Inspires Imagination and Teamwork through fun active games. Innovative strategies and collaborative techniques encourage students to explore their own creativity and work well with others in a group environment. Many fun games can even be done at home with family members to reinforce skills learned in class.

Aligns with State and National Standards

Aligns with State and National Standards to exceed the basic mathematical standards in each of the critical topic areas by grade.

Fun Exploring Math™ is the focus of every class. The experienced dynamic instructors follow the Fun Wise® Math methodology, but have the flexibility to adapt the games to match the curriculum of the location hosting the program and the age level of the students. With hundreds of games to choose from and the opportunity to develop new games, each instructor brings their unique expertise to their classes and students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A math afterschool program provides additional math educational experiences beyond the normal school or homeschool program.  Many afterschool programs can range from physical activity like dance, soccer, or karate to educational topics like Spanish, science and math.

The Fun Wise® Math afterschool programs combines fun active games with math concepts to exercise kids minds and bodies increasing retention of math facts.

Classes are primarily kindergarten through second grade but can begin as early as preschool depending on the location.  Enrichment classes are offered for younger children starting as early as 18 months with a caregiver through preschool ages.

Many areas of learning require lots of practice like sports and music.  Math too is a learned skill and the more exposure children have to guided math review the better their skills will be.

The Fun Wise® Math curriculum makes learning math fun through interactive games.  Our focus is fun exploring math so children learn through guided discovery by our highly trained instructors.

Most families that select a rigorous school are seeking academic enrichment programs for their children to help them build confidence and knowledge from an early age.  Our most successful classes are at schools with very rigorous math curriculums.  We love having kids who love math in our classes.

Most math enrichment available to families is in a tutoring format where students work one-to-one with a tutor to learn math concepts at a table or computer with workbooks or worksheets.  A few tutoring centers may use manipulatives to show the math concepts being taught.

The Fun Wise® Math program is different in many ways.  The program focuses on learning through interactive games.  Our students are rarely sitting at a table doing worksheets.  They are exploring math concepts through multi-sensory techniques using visual, auditory and kinesthetic methods to experience math concepts.  The classes also focus on teamwork and creativity with children working together and supporting each other during the games.  Another difference is that most tutoring begins in elementary school where the Fun Wise® Math program starts at age 3 in most locations.  Helping children enjoy learning and understanding math from the earliest ages builds a strong math foundation for future success.

Afterschool activities are an opportunity for kids to try something new that they may not experience during the school day like sports, music, art or theater.

Kids participating in the Fun Wise® Math program know it is a math class but have so much fun playing games, they forget it is a class.  Kids benefit getting physical activity and strengthen their math skills all in the same class.  Fun Wise® Math is a new twist on the traditional afterschool program.

YES!! Many parents and grandparents are actively engaged in helping their children with math concepts starting with counting and shapes. It is always encouraged at all ages to support your kids in their learning as long as it is a positive experience for everyone.

Our instructors share ideas with families on the games students play in class and recommend similar games for home.  Fun Wise® Math has developed recommendations for games in the Math Games section of the website and the blog.

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