Fun Wise® Math is passionate about bringing math to life through FUN Interactive Experiences

“Mastery of early math skills predicts not only future math achievement,
it also predicts future reading achievement”

Greg Duncan, Northwestern University Researcher


Enrichment Classes

Math enrichment energizes a child’s interest in math creating lifelong learners. Starting in preschool, Fun Wise® Math enrichment programs makes learning FUN! Building a strong foundation in math skills from an early age is critical for future success. Scientific research shows that early number sense predicts success in math in middle school and beyond.

The Fun Wise® Math methodology teaches children math through fun interactive experiences. One vital technique for sharing math facts is the inquiry method, which allows the instructors to see if students are familiar with a topic or if it is new. This strategy is an excellent tool for all ages especially mixed ages groups allowing older students to be leaders. The entire focus of math enrichment is exactly that – Enriching your child’s understanding and knowledge of math. Building math skills and confidence is a critical factor for all Fun Wise® Math students. Many parents share that their children love our class because it is so much fun. Parents tell us they love it because their kids are learning and building confidence without even realizing it. Most enrichment classes are weekly throughout the school year and hosted by many schools or organizations. At school locations, the program compliments and reinforces the curriculum based on the children’s ages. At community locations, the program emphasizes topics that are age appropriate for the class level and student ages. All classes meet or exceed National and State standards for the age or grade of the students in the class.

Enroll your child in the Fun Wise® Math enrichment program so he or she can begin having Fun Exploring Math™.

Afterschool Classes

Creative engaging games bring a new twist to make learning math fun afterschool. Innovative teaching techniques help children exercise their minds and bodies bringing math to life. There are many afterschool programs and Fun Wise® Math is unique by combing learning with physical activity. Kids can get active afterschool and reinforce their math knowledge.

Math is a learned skill. The more exposure to math, the more children will understand the concepts. The Fun Wise® Math afterschool program goes above and beyond the normal techniques in a classroom to show kids that math is fun and can be learned through games. The creative strategies connect with the latest brain research to bring the most innovative experiences to the afterschool classes. Fun Wise® Math is more than “another tool in the toolbox”, it is the tool that will make your children love to learn math.

Afterschool programs are primarily kindergarten through second grade but can begin as early as preschool depending on the location. Most afterschool programs are weekly during the school year and are held at schools or other community locations. The content of the classes meet or exceed National and State Standards based on the age or grades of the students in the class.

Register your child in the Fun Wise® Math afterschool program so he or she can begin having Fun Exploring Math™.

On-site Field Trips

Bring a fun educational field trip to your school or organization. The Fun Wise® Math field trips come to your location saving time and transportation costs. Field trips are a great break during the holiday season or testing time when students need a change from the everyday.

Fun Wise® Math field trips start in preschool and go all the way through high school age students.

The Math & Movement field trip is for preschool and elementary school age kids exposing them to math through fun interactive games. Our favorite games for large groups are featured during the field trip and developed specifically based on the age of the audience.

The Math Mindfulness™ field trip exposes middle school and high school age students to math in real life including math myth busting, real world math and math careers. Being mindful about math is being aware of how math is used in most everything we do each and everyday. Be mindful. Love Math.

An extra benefit of the Fun Wise® Math field trip is the opportunity for imbedded professional development. It is encouraged for teachers or parents to participate in the field trip to learn the innovative games or real world experiences shared during the program. Bring the unique methodology to your kids as brain breaks or rainy day activities even after the program is done.

The Fun Wise® Math field trip is a great new math adventure for kids to have Fun Exploring Math™. Request a field trip at your location.

Summer Camps

School is out but math is always “IN”. Math review is just as important during the summer time to maintain the knowledge learned during the school year and prevent summer slide. Studies show that most children lose about two months of math skills during the summer months.

The Fun Wise® Math camps are fun and intense weeklong camps covering a lot of topics in a short amount of time. Many of the topics covered in the math enrichment classes and afterschool programs are squeezed into three hours per day focusing on the most critical math facts. The innovative math games make it feel like summer fun while the creative teaching techniques insure the math concepts are studied.

Sign up your kids for the Fun Wise® Math summer camps so they have Fun Exploring Math™ and prevent summer slide.

Trainings & Workshops

Inspiring educators and families to turn daily activities into teachable moments for their kids. Math is a critical part of most activities but we rarely realize that we are using math or share those moments with our kids to make math memorable and relevant. Sports, shopping, cooking and basic finances all require math and you are their best teacher. Demonstrate how you are using math in your real world experiences so your kids see the importance of math. Even more exciting, the secrets to the innovative math games performed in our programs are revealed so you too can bring fun active math games to your kids.

Ms. Carrie is passionate about helping families and teachers become mindful of how they are using math so it can be shared with their kids. The strategies revealed seem common sense but so few people really remember to use them regularly with their kids to develop success in math both now and in the future.

Offer a workshop or training at your location to embrace teachable math moments, learn the math game secrets and share them with your kids.

Special Events

Planning a Math Night, STEMapalooza or any special event that could benefit from Fun Math Games? Make sure to include the Fun Wise® Math program and the kids will love it.

The Fun Wise® Math program has been featured at many community or school events including Math Monday’s at MOSI, Girl Scouts STEMapalooza, Bellamy Elementary Math Night, Library programs and many more.

Each event is unique and Fun Wise® Math with work with your team to make math memorable and fun at your special event. The Math & Movement field trip or Math Mindfulness™ field trip can be fitted to suit the needs of the event. A completely custom program can also be developed based on parameters provided by your team. Request at Fun Wise® Math program at your special event and the kids will have Fun Exploring Math™.

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